Hybrid Simulation Repsponse Convergence

Hybrid Simulation Repsponse Convergence (HSRC) combines virtual tires and digital scanned road surfaces with a physical vehicle on a standard 329 road simulator to create full-vehicle durability test drive file without having to collect data over proving grounds.

Hybrid System Response Convergence (HSRC) is an iterative technique developed by MTS that makes hybrid simulation practical for more complex, high-bandwidth applications where the use of a sequential, offline iterative technique is necessary.

HSRC bridges and decouple the real and virtual world.


This application of the HSRC technique combines a simulator-mounted test vehicle with virtual tires and scanned digital road surfaces to create a digital, 3D proving ground over which the test vehicles can be “driven” to simulate braking and maneuvering events.

  • Hybrid: RPC iteration processes coordinate the dynamics between the physical and virtual systems to find a force and motion solution that satisfies both simultaneously.

  • Correlation: Sequential iterations yield test drive files that have proven to correlate well with actual road load measurements

  • Fast & Adaptive: Enable the generation of accurate durability test road loads without an instrumented prototype, a proving ground or a comprehensive digital model

HSRC Principle

Project description

Completing the CATARC’s HSRC test, which was the first time in China, symbolizes that CATARC road simulation test technology has reached the world’s cutting-edge level.

I performed most of the testing work as the primary leader and technical author, mainly including road load acquisition, FTire modeling (in the U.S., with Sova Motion engineer), test bench setup, and HSRC iteration (with MTS engineer). And my colleagues are responsible for the digital pavement 3D point cloud acquisition (with 3D Mapping Solutions GmbH). You can also find us named on the cosin FTire’s official website.

As a result of successful completion, my research mission in road simulation and its related test technology has ended. For more details of this project, please visit the project report.


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