Shengjie Xu


1156 High St #SOE3

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Santa Cruz, CA 95064

School of Engineering

UC Santa Cruz


I’m primarily interested in how we connect the visual and the physical world. My research interests include computational graphics, data analysis, and system identification. My motivation at UC Santa Cruz is to contribute to the robotics and physical-based computer graphics field by developing a real-time perceptual device by combining image-based sensors and physical dynamic systems to provide new measurement sources for the control system.


Shengjie received a B.S. degree in automotive engineering from the Hebei University of Technology in 2011. Since 2011, he has been a Road Simulation Test Engineer with China Automotive Technology and Research Center. His career started from vehicle road testing; then, he dives into the field of road load data acquisition and road simulation. Back then, his research interests include RLDA instrumentation and data analysis, vehicle component transducerization, full vehicle road simulation testing (remote parameter control), proving ground correlation, system identification, and HSRC.

selected publications

  1. The Synthetic 3DOF Wheel Force for Passenger Vehicle Based on Predicted Frequency Response Function Model
    Xu, Shengjie
    In WCX World Congress Experience 2018